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Faculty of Science And Technology

In 2025, make the Faculty of Computer Science a leading and superior faculty in responding to global challenges based on Information Technology that can make a real contribution in the fields of education, research and community service at the national and international levels.

Faculty of Health Sciences

To be a Faculty of Health Sciences that excels at international standards and has an entrepreneurial spirit in health that is able to play an active role in nation building through the process of education, research and community service by 2025


To become a leading Faculty of Teacher Training and Education in producing competent graduates and mastering science and technology in accordance with the needs of users at the level locally, nationally and internationally by 2025


New student Registration Process

University Ubudiyah Indonesia has opened the online 2022 New Student Admissions Registration in accordance with health protocols during the COVID19 pandemic. Prospective students can become new UUI students without having to come to campus and do not have to wait for high school / vocational / MA graduation.

"Welcome new students to the campus of the University of Ubudiyah Indonesia (UUI). UUI is a university that carries out a noble mission in producing future Acehnese scientists and leaders. At this campus which has a vision of becoming a World Class Cyber ​​University, students will be facilitated with various facilities based on sophisticated information and communication technology (ICT) with multimedia advantages."

  • Dr. Marniati., M.Kes, UUI Chancellor

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